Home Remodels in Charleston, South Carolina: Reimagine Your Home with Hygge Construction

At Hygge Construction, our mission is to go beyond construction-it’s about crafting spaces that bring out the best in your home. We are your premier home renovation and remodel team in Charleston, South Carolina. We offer clients the ability to upgrade and uplift existing spaces. Whether you are hoping to move walls, replace outdated athletics, or reconfigure your home entirely, we can help elevate your home to meet your desired standards.

South Carolina Historic Home Addition build in a timber framed style - Hygge Contruction Charleston

Expertise in Reshaping Homes

Renovations can be a daunting task, requiring expertise and a vision for imagining reconfiguration of spaces. Our team has a proven track record of specializing in opening up floor plans, repurposing rooms, and creating a seamless flow that aligns with your lifestyle and your architectural vision.

Beyond Four Walls: Maximizing Your Space

You might have plenty of space, but does it truly make sense? We’re here to make every square foot count. Our experts bring architectural plans to life, unlocking the hidden potential of your property. With the essence of Hygge in mind, we work to maximize your space, and create harmonious environments that carry out your vision.

A kitchen with white cabinets and gold fixtures.
A stylized owl with key in the middle of it.

Why Hygge Construction for Your Home Remodel

Hygge Construction’s years of experience remodeling homes in the Charleston Lowcountry sets us apart from other companies:

  • Extensive resources and experience for ambitious projects
  • Skilled contractors who navigate the complexities of licenses, supply acquisition, and subcontractor talents
  • Clear and fair scoping, budget, and timeline expectations
  • Close client/team relationships to ensure every step of your project is handled with care and consideration for the best final outcome


Work with Hygge Construction for a peace of mind that your home remodel will be expertly transformed to meet your ultimate vision for your existing property.

Envision Your Dream Home: Contact Us Today

Our extensive experience uplifting existing homes in Charleston, SC sets us apart. We take the time to understand a home owners vision for their homes, to ensure every details of an update allows their vision to come to life. With a team of seasoned American Building Arts-trained experts, we pride ourselves on breathing new life into your space, making your house a home. Let us join you on your home renovation journey.